Logging Operator
A installation guide for "Logging Operator" inside Kubernetes cluster using kubectl command line tool.
If you are a beginner with Kubernetes and don't want to go in the complexity of Helm, you can use the beloved tool of Kubernetes client likekubectl.

Namespace Creation

Since we are going to use pre-baked manifests of Kubernetes in that case we need to setup the namespace with a specific name called "logging-operator".
kubectl create ns logging-operator

CRD Setup

So we have already pre-configured CRD in config/crd directory. We just have to run a magical kubectl commands.
kubectl apply -f config/crd/bases

RBAC Setup

Similar like CRD, we have pre-baked RBAC config files as well inside config/rbac which can be installed and configured by kubectl.
kubectl apply -f config/rbac/

Operator Deployment

Once all the initial steps are done, we can create the deployment for "Logging Operator". The deployment manifests for the operator are present inside config/manager/manager.yaml file.
kubectl apply -f config/manager/manager.yaml
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