Redis Operator

Speculator: Redis Operator

A magical operator to deploy and manage Redis Setup
A Golang based redis operator that will make/oversee Redis standalone/cluster mode setup on top of the Kubernetes. It can create a redis cluster setup with best practices on Cloud as well as the Bare-metal environment. Also, it provides an in-built monitoring capability using redis-exporter.



The purpose of creating this operator was to provide easy and production-grade setup of Redis on Kubernetes. It doesn't care if you have a plain on-prem Kubernetes or cloud-based.

Supported Features

Here the features which are supported by this operator:-
  • Redis cluster/standalone mode setup
  • Inbuilt monitoring with Prometheus exporter
  • Dynamic storage provisioning with PVC template
  • Resources restrictions with k8s requests and limits
  • Password/Password-less setup
  • Node selector and affinity
  • Priority class to manage setup priority
  • SecurityContext to manipulate kernel parameters
Last modified 3yr ago