A Development guide for redis operator


Access to Kubernetes cluster

First of all, you will need access to a Kubernetes cluster. The easiest way to start is minikube.

  • Virtualbox - hypervisor to run a Kubernetes cluster

  • Minikube - for Kubernetes cluster creation on local machine

  • Kubectl - to interact with Kubernetes cluster

Tools to build an Operator

Apart from kubernetes cluster, there are some tools which are needed to build and test the redis operator.

Required Tools:-

Build Locally

To achieve this, execute this command:-

make build

Build Image

Redis operator gets packaged as a container image for running on the Kubernetes cluster. These instructions will guide you to build an image.

make build-image


If you want to play it on Kubernetes. You can use a minikube.

# Start minikube
minikube start --vm-driver virtualbox

# Deploy the image on minikube
helm upgrade redis-cluster ./helm/redis-setup \
    --set redisSetup.setupMode="cluster" \
    --set redisSetup.clusterSize=3 \
    --install --namespace redis-operator

Run Tests

make test

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